How To Best Light Your Space

Lighting is often the forgotten child in the decorating world. With so much focus on all the other layers, people often overlook lighting, and specifically the importance of lighting. A room can have the most beautiful furnishings, but if you can't see them due to poor lighting, there is no point in having them in there.

I always advise clients to create levels with their lighting. By adding levels, it gives you the flexibility to use the room in different ways.


When considering your lighting scheme it is important to consider these elements:

  • The amount of natural light already in the room. Is there perhaps too much natural light? Do you need to defuse this with window coverings?

  • The ability to layer your lights with different levels of lighting and dimmable options.

  • Do you need task lighting for reading or studying?

  • Privacy of your space, especially from the street and especially at night when you have your lights on.


To create your lighting scheme you may like to include a mixture of the following:

  • General Room Lights - These are generally your down lights and purely functional in lighting the room up. They should always be dimmable.

  • Table Lamps or Floor Lamps - Perfect for both adding a decor item, but also to create ambient lighting at night.

  • Wall Sconces - These are perfect if you are wanting to highlight an art piece.

  • Pendant Lighting and Chandeliers - Used as a feature and focal point of the room.

It is important to map out your lighting when re-decorating and make sure you are showing your room in it's "best light"!

Time to Redecorate?

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