Hayward & Co. founder Liz Hayward loves working with new clients to unlock the potential of their homes and living spaces.


Liz is a firm believer that a quality, thoughtful, tailored interior should be available to everyone and that amazing results can be achieved on almost any budget.

Following her years spent in professional roles working in and around the interior design sphere, the establishment of a bespoke interior decoration agency represents a new and exciting phase in our founder's creative journey.

Based on her instinctive ability to see the possibilities of any space she enters, Liz has developed a design process that is as calm and considered as the interiors she ultimately creates.

Combining the many snippets of inspiration she collects from the decors she encounters each day with the tastes and input of her clients', Liz designs timeless interiors that reflect the unique personas of the people that inhabit them.

Liz’s work and skill of creating beautiful spaces was recently recognised when she was awarded a top finalist position in the Home Beautiful - 50 Most Beautiful Rooms competition.